English Section

Theosophical Society had an Esoteric Section. We digress.

Welcome to the English Section of Sapphire Museum of Magic and Occultism on Line.
The purpose of these pages is to give some infomation about the Western Esoteric Tradition in Japan.

webmaster : Oujupah.
Mailto: musee-magica@joy.ocn.ne.jp

The main body of Sapphire Museum of Magic and Occultism on Line (Okay, henceforth SMMO) is "Who's who in Magic" and translations of some magical works, all in Japanese. Opened 1999 spring Equinox, SMMO (once known as O.H. pages) has been functioning as the refrence centre for the Japanese occult students.

Occult Art Gallery
shows many rare drawings and illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith, W.T.Horton, etc.
Written in half Japnanese, half English. Several items you can see nowhere else. Use browser's back button to come back here.

Downloard Corner
Interesting PDF files and big pictures for occult studies.
You may find really rare things here.

Essays and Miscellania
contain "Reading my Memorabilia", "Translating The Sea Priestess",
"the Cat Case"on DNF's Big Tabby, Report on GD Festival in Japan.
with almost useless FAQ: featuring Not So Greatly Honoured Master Oujupah.
Book review on Brodie-Innes, perhaps, is worth reading. A bit show-off stuff.
-- GIVING UP THE DAGGER the confession of a conformist.
-- Rider Waite Smith Tarot Adverts in The Occult Review RWS early editions article.

Selected Articles
are English versions of some of the original SMMO pages.
Historical notes on the tarot cards, profiles of the unknown occultists, etc.

Magical CGs
created by Oujupah. CG drawn Second Order Vault, magical weapons, etc.
with original Tarot Cards, serious as well as comical.

Special Feature: Oujupah Tarot Cards
created by Oujupah. Funny, weird, strange, sometime beautifull 22 trumps and almost complete pip cards.
Applause, gentlemen, applause.

Rare Tarot Cards Images from Japan
as it is.
- - "TSUNDERE TAROT": a deck review.
"When you got it, flaunt it!"

Tarot Treasure Match by Two Japanese
as it is.
Behold, and despair!

The Ghost of Aunt Eliza a poem by J.W. Brodie-Innes. 1905.

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